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Summer is always an exciting season for colour, style, and wearable fabrics. This season is no different in that the colours and fabrics are amazing. Linens, viscose, and cottons have become the preferred fabrics of choice due to our humidity, and this summer sounds like it isn’t going to be any difference.

Dresses are our preferred ‘go to’ for air flow and femininity, however pants are so versatile because you can wear them long, mid length, wide, slim, or flared, they are all fashionable and fabrics are breathable.

Once fashion was very strict as to what is in and what is not. Footwear has allowed for change in this direction because you can fashion clothes with a sneaker to elevate an outfit just as easily as it can dress it down for a casual cool appearance.

Many brands in store, are imported from America, Canada, UK, Italy, Turkey and Australia. Also, great NZ brands – Bittermoon and Paris, that are not only designed here but also produced here. Bittermoon uses a variety of fabrics, styles and colours which enhance your wardrobe as they work hard to give you the difference.

Never forget to accessorise with a beautiful bag, scarf, or jewellery. We have a great range of all three which can make your outfit pop. Great gift ideas also.

Labels in store: Bittermoon, Threadz, Hammock & Vines, Clarity, Gordon Smith, Dolcezza, Knewe, Macjays, Paris, Givoni, Slade, Moke, Suzy D, Liverpool, FDJ …….. and many more.

If you need help with organising your wardrobe or want great fashion guidance, please feel free to call and see us as we love to help where we can.

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